CPE has changed. It does so every 10 years, trying to be student friendly. And this time I think the goal was achieved.

CPE has 4 papers: Reading & Use of English, Writing, Listening, Speaking.

It is 2(!) hours shorter, lasting 3h40m ... and a computer version is also available.

Reading&Use of English: There are 7 parts adding up tp 72 marks.

Writing: Two parts, a 'must-do' plus an optional one . There is a range of tasks from the following text types-articles, essays, letters, reports, reviews (NO proposals).

Listening: Four parts with 30 questions, each one receiving one mark.

Speaking: Three parts completed by two candidates.

This sample was distributed during a seminar day and I had my students complete it during their holidays.

They found it easier and although the listening part was actually spoken by me they didn't have trouble filling in the answers.

Feel free to download the sample test and good luck to your students!