Workshop "Adapting your Coursebook for Learners with SpLDs”
Working with a group that includes a dyslexic learner may seem difficult; perhaps you are worried that your dyslexic student will require a lot of extra materials that you will not have enough time to prepare. This workshop will reassure you that with a bit of clever organisation and some small changes to your classroom management, you can keep using the same textbook, and still make sure that all your learners can be included. After establishing what the main challenges are likely to be for a dyslexic learner using a typical EFL course book, we will offer an overview of some general principles that will help you to ‘work smarter – not longer’! Finally, there will be an opportunity to apply these principles to your own teaching practice.
Please bring with you a text book that you are currently using or that you are familiar with.
Participation Fee: 30 euros
Athens, 2 September 2016, 17.00-20.00, Divani Caravel Hotel, Vas. Alexandrou Ave. 2. To register click here.
Autumn ’16 Athens International Publishers Exhibitions e-invitation

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