Dear Colleagues,

We hope that your School Year is off to a brilliant start!

The ETC Fall 2016 program offers the options of the completion of two different Courses on offer (Please see attached announcements.), or attendance at any of the individual Sunday sessions 10:00 - 14:30:

"Dealing with Teenagers: Techniques for the Developing Teacher"
1. October 16: "Management Strategies and Team Building Techniques”
2. November 20: "The Teenage Learner and Confident Self-Expression"
3. December 4: "Project Work for Teenagers"
4. December 18: "Creative Techniques for Teenagers"

"Advanced Teaching Skills"
1. October 23: "Effective Presentation Techniques for Teachers"
2. November 6: "21st Century Life Skills for Teachers & School Managers"
3. November 27: "Creative Writing"
4. December 11: "Q" 'n' "E" Activities for the EFL Learner (ages 9 - 14)

Best Wishes,

Suzanne and Lilika

Suzanne Antonaros and Lilika Couri
Educational and Training Consultants
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