Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached the announcement for ETC’s Sunday seminars.

March 8: Wordplay for Children

March 29: Vocabulary Building

April 26: Reading and Our Learners

May 10: Teaching Writing

May 24: Developing Listening Skills

Also, ETC is in partnership with five other European associates in the SLEST 2.0 European project

(European Linguistic Standard for Professionals in Tourism) within the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme.

We invite you to check out the free language learning materials (English, Italian, German and Spanish)

developed especially for Tourism Professionals (receptionists, waiters, travel agents, tour guides).

Please click this link:

Wishing you all the best,

Suzanne and Lilika

Suzanne Antonaros and Lilika Couri

Educational and Training Consultants

12 Polytehniou Street

GR 104 33 Athens

tel.: +30 210-5232598