The teaching profession is indeed a noble and rewarding. It requires dedication, patience and great sacrifice – all directed towards shaping future generations. It can also be a particularly stressful profession because teachers are students with different personality every day, not to mention being constantly monitored by their superiors and are compared with their peers.

As a thank you to all the wonderful teachers there, we have some health tips to help you stay mentally and physically, while doing an excellent job.

Here are top 10 healthy tips for teachers:

1. Learning to cope with stress. Most teachers manage classrooms that can take anywhere between 15 and 60 children! This can be very stressful and it is important to recognize and cope with this stress. Every morning, try to take some time to center and calm the mind. You can do this through yoga or meditation. This will help you better cope with the challenges of the day vomiting.

2. Share. Another way of dealing with problems of work is to share with colleagues. Do not feel ashamed. That probably gone through similar situations and can helps with solutions.

3. Create your personal goals. It’s easy to get caught in the conduct of school programs. Take your time to create your own professional goals. This will help you stay focused.

4. Get enough rest. If you’re in a profession that needs to wake up early and stand around, you can not afford to skimp on sleep. Avoid the temptation to correct the response papers late at night and make sure to sleep well.

5. Eating well, especially breakfast. A hearty and healthy breakfast and plenty of sleep not only give you the energy to go on all day, but also ensure that they are happy and are equipped to handle more temperamental any student who may come your way.

6. Wash your hands frequently. Schools, classes, especially youth, can be a breeding ground for disease transmission. A sick child enters and soon half the class, including the teacher, has been reduced to the same thing. Stay protected by washing hands between classes or carry hand sanitizer germs out.

7. Get comfortable shoes. You’re on your feet all day. Of course, comfortable shoes that provides good support and cushioning to be very important.

8. No work during lunchtime. For your peace of mind, use your lunch hour to eat well, catch up with peers or read or knit or do anything but work.

9. Exercise regularly. The thing about exercise is that the more active you are, the more energy you have. Be sure to take time from his busy schedule to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day concert.

10. Taking a short break every day. Teachers may suggest that you take a few minutes at least once a day. Far from the students, the principal, and definitely away from any negativity you may have in school. Just a few minutes to yourself, where you can take a deep breath, get rejuvenated and re-education.

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