Are you still unsure about taking the plunge into Twitter? Worried it’s not actually useful for learning or teaching? Think it’s still just about people talking about what they’re eating?

Whether you’re a newbie wondering the above questions or a talented tweeter, there are always new and exciting ways to use Twitter. Lucky for us all, Maggie Verster (check out her edublog here) created an epic e-torial (e-tutorial!) that walks you through the A to Z of Twitter for education.

Key Questions Answered

- Why should a teacher or education administrator use Twitter?

- How do I set up an account? (step-by-step instructions included!)

- What questions should I always ask myself when I follow someone?

- How do I tweet? How do I retweet? What the heck is a retweet?!

- How do I find good people to follow? Fellow teachers? People interested in what I like?

- What’s privacy like on Twitter?

- What should my profile photo be?

- What are the drawbacks of Twitter?

View the presentations here