Lesson plan - Topic: Jobs | Age: 8-10 | Level: Elementary (This request received 38 votes!)

Vocabulary: Doctor, fireman, taylor, teacher, plummer, farmer, dentist, babysitter, taxi driver, policeman

Language: He's / She's a (job).

  • Copy one set of flashcards larger for presentation. Make one set of flashcards for each group of 3 to 4 students.

  • Photocopy one worksheet for each child.

    Optional: You can photocopy the words to the song on the back of the worksheet so that children can sing along

1. Teacher introduces the jobs from the flashcards and drills correct pronunciation of each job. T puts each flashcard on the blackboard and continues to review the other jobs while introducing the other jobs one flashcard at a time.

2. Class plays “Kim's Game”. Teacher tells students to close their eyes and removes one of the cards. The students open their eyes and have to call out the missing job and the teacher puts the flashcard back on the board. The game can get more difficult by removing several flashcards at a time.

3. Class plays “Find the pairs” all together to see how the game is played.

4. Teacher gives one pair of flashcards to each group of 3 or 4 students. Students mix together the 10 picture cards and the 10 matching word cards and spread them out face down. Each child turns over two cards and tries to match a picture to a word. If they match, the child keeps the cards. If not, the child puts the cards back where they were and it's the next child's turn. The winner is the child with the most cards at the end.

5. Students listen to the the song “People work” and then complete the matching worksheet. If you have a musical class, students can listen again with the words to the song so that they can sing along.

6. Students play a game to review language simple clothes and colours and the jobs they've just learned. (You can read the description to them or all together and then they try to guess the job. The group that guesses correctly gets a point.)

Extra: In the next lesson, you can introduce “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and “When I grow up, I'll be a …”

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