Cambridge ESOL would like to once more congratulate students and teachers throughout Greece for their really strong performance in the May 2012 FCE for Schools exam session. For a consecutive year, the results met with great success showing that 75.00% of the candidates passed the exam with a grade C or better as opposed to the 71% in the previous, May 2011 session.

FCE for Schools has been broadly welcomed by candidates and teachers alike as the new, friendlier version of Cambridge ESOL’s long-established FCE, the most popular of the Cambridge English exams in Greece. Targeting school-aged learners through the use of material that is specifically aimed at their interests and experiences, FCE for Schools is set at exactly the same level as the FCE exam and is based on the revised, friendlier format which was introduced in 2008.

FCE for Schools is a B2 level exam, but Cambridge ESOL’s new Extended Certification means that it has additional benefits for candidates at the top of the ability range, with exceptional students being awarded an FCE certificate showing that they have achieved level C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference. At the same time, many students who did not achieve a grade C pass will receive a certificate showing that they have demonstrated ability at level B1.

Cambridge ESOL would like to wish to all its colleagues and candidates even greater success in the future and a creative new academic year.